Individual, couples, family and group therapy

Are you looking for…

clarity and peace of mind because you are feeling like you’re being pulled in too many different directions? Do you feel you should be able to manage it all? You may look to others like it’s all good, but inside you feel like you’re unknown! You want to better connect to the world but something is in the way. So much ‘self help’ is out there but it’s not enough to get you to where you feel you want to be. You need deeper awareness  and unconditional self regard in order to reach personal and relational fulfillment. You’re ready to reach out to have better contact with supportive others and make change in a therapeutic  environment!

What stands out in my practice is a safe, skillful collaboration. Whether you are anxious, depressed, stuck or just out of touch your motivation is to heal. My motivation is to support you in this work.