Housing Co-operative Employees 

Did you know that the Co-operators benefit plan will cover you when you see a Registered Psychotherapist?

Over the past 30 years I have worked with several housing co-op staff people, addressing personal and professional challenges they have faced. Doing this work together has given me insight into the difficult task working in a housing co-op can be. Together we have developed strategies that will help you cope on a daily basis and thrive over the longer term. These approaches have helped clients in their working and personal lives.

Over that period of time my family has lived in three housing co-operatives. As a member I  was the sector delegate and attended CHFT meetings and a CHF AGM as a delegate. I also served on the membership committee. For 28 years my husband worked as a co-op Manager which gives me insight into the stress and challenges faced by working in a housing co-operative.

If you are looking for a safe place to work on the challenges facing you then give me a call. We can begin developing strategies that will help you with the real stress of working in housing co-operatives. One of the challenges of working in a Co-op is dealing with the dissonance between the ideals that may have led you to the job and the day to day reality of work in the Co-op.

My home based office is located in Scarborough within walking distance of the Eglinton Go Station and the TTC stops around the corner.

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